NOUVEL Services

NOUVEL provides consulting services across the spectrum of IT governance, risk management, information security, and compliance. Our approach is pragmatic and strategic: building sustainable programs that achieve measurable results.

Rapid risk analysis

Does your organization spend more time analyzing risk than mitigating it? NOUVEL's risk approximation methodology is focused and action-oriented; this ensures that information- and IT-related risks are promptly identified and addressed.

Integrated IT audit

Is your information security program integrated with your IT internal control or IT audit program? NOUVEL can help you align and coordinate your programs for more efficient, cost-effective control and compliance.

Incremental information security

Can your information security program demonstrate improvements during the last two to three years? NOUVEL can help you create a multi-year implementation plan, with metrics that enable you to document progress for management.

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Information security for SMEs

How is your SME managing information- and IT-related risks? NOUVEL created the CPI-RISC methodology so that smaller organizations can successfully achieve their risk management objectives.

In-sourced security management

Who's managing your managed security service providers (MSSPs)? NOUVEL can help you take control of your overall security strategy and direct the third parties who are responsible for your day-to-day operation.

Smart staff transitions

Will your organization be vulnerable while replacing key information security staff? Using a NOUVEL interim information security officer is an effective way to provide continuity, compliance, and knowledge transfer during the transition process.